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"If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want"

- Zig Ziglar

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Job Search 

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Client Compliment

We would like to express our appreciation and thank you for assisting us, in substantially reducing the vacancies since February 2012.

We truly value the professional business relationship that has been developed with yourselves.  


Hayley, I would like to say a big thank you to both you and Elite for your professionalism, continual advise and input during this whole application process which took us right to the winning post.


Happy Candidate

Bronwen Believe me when I say that you are doing much more than just "your job".
I see it in your emails and communications with me and I hear it in your voice when we chat.
Great Positive Energy:-)

Impressed Candidate

Hayley and Bronwen thank you for all the reassurance along the way, I have been nothing less than impressed with the Elite team.

You are all incredible!


Thank You

Hi Monique,

I would like to just say thank you so much for everything you and your company has done for me during my job hunting time,you always availed yourself to answer and support me during the process.I know I was a pain at times but your professionalism was always so comforting.What you have done for me was extra special and I don’t think you can imagine the impact this new job will bring to my family,I hope you can continue to assist more people the way you did for me.



Delighted Candidate

Hi Natasha, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. I am so happy here and the team/company is amazing. Somehow this was a perfect fit and has exceeded all my expectations thus far.

Again thank you very much with all your help on this journey and giving me this opportunity.

- Rhijnhardt

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About Us

Professionals for Passion

Elite Search & Selection opened its doors to recruiting top talent in October 1998.  We are supported by a highly motivated, experienced and passionate team who are constantly hunting for impressive talent.

Servicing a variety of industries including but by no means limited to ICT, Finance and Retail, Elite provides powerful recruitment solutions in all areas, specializing in:

•    Telecommunications
•    Information Technology
•    Financial
•    Administrative Support

Elite aspires to provide responsive and value-added recruitment solutions to confidently meet the diverse talent needs of our clients.  We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, investing time in getting to understand the company culture, the products and services by working in partnership with our clients.  In this way, Elite can offer clients a confident selection of talent, always striving to give our clients the VERY best candidates in the industry.

•    Thorough previous Employment Reference checks
•    ITC / Criminal checks
•    Qualification checks
•    Proof of ID / Drivers License / Physical Address

Elite Search and Selection focuses on QUALITY of SERVICE.  From the very first contact we have with our client we strive to provide outstanding, efficient and professional service.  Elite promotes PASSION, IMAGINATION and PERSISTENCE and these qualities, combined with our powerful searching process, ensure that only the very top candidates are presented to our clients.  We support our clients in every aspect.  Elite has a number of devoted Account Managers, who are dedicated to their clients and who build long term relationships based not only on their expertise within talent acquisition, but very much on trust and integrity.  It is their aim to find the BEST possible person in the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT way.  Elite has a core-business focus and specializes in the ICT industry and Financial industries, enabling us to develop an in-depth understanding of these focus areas and have networks, databases and support systems within these arenas.  We apply a simple, effective and efficient recruitment process aimed at rapidly filling positions with suitably qualified and experienced permanent staff.  We have an excellent record at placing high quality candidates and have been very successful in placing high caliber employment equity candidates.

Why choose Elite Search and Selection?

A number of key aspects that differentiates Elite Search and Selection:

Intense, specialized internal training that we offer our staff:

Elite recruiters are provided with powerful skills on a continuous basis that equips them with the tools to find the very best talent in South Africa.


Elite Search and Selection prides itself on the thorough training of our staff to enable them to be energetic, passionate headhunters.  Headhunting enables the recruiter, acting on behalf of the client, to have a far more controlled selection of talent as well as limiting inconveniences such as Counter Offers. This is achieved because of the degree to which the Recruiter has control over the selection process from the very beginning of the talent search.

Extensive knowledge and networks within the specific areas in which we operate.

Existing database of over 11 000 candidates.

Access to large, online recruitment databases.

Commitment to Black Economic Empowerment with more than 6000 EE candidates on our database.


We are selective about the clients we deal with and carefully choose those we want to partner with because we understand the vital need to get to know our clients business and we could not do justice to this end if we worked with all and sundry. It is imperative for us to get to know your business in order for a successful relationship.
•    At the outset we strive to form strong long term business relationships based on trust,
     integrity and performance. We intend to become partners in our client's talent acquisition
     at a more strategic level.
•    We don't just fill positions, we research our client, we interview our clients (specification form)
     we work with line (where possible) to ensure that you are exposed to the best talent pool
     suited to your business.
•    We know that the people you take on board are the future of your company and as you help
     your clients become high performance entities with the service you offer, we strive to do the
     same by finding the stars and presenting them to you.  In order to do this, like you, we
     collaborate with our clients in terms of their recruitment needs for the future, not only the
     immediate. We strategise with you on your needs based on company strategy going forward,
     projects in the pipeline etc. We align ourselves with you when it comes to talent acquisition
•    We specialise in the hard to fill positions.
•    We source from the inactive candidate market.          

Diane Schmucking: MD

Diane is the Managing Director at Elite and her main responsibility is the strategy and growth of the company.  She received her training in London, where she worked in the recruitment industry for 4 years thereafter she came back to SA and started up Elite Search & Selection.  Diane has been involved in Sales, Sales Management and Recruitment for over 15 years.  She has obtained an AEKI Recruitment qualification in the U.K. as well as having completed a qualification in Business Administration in 1988.  She decided to specialize from the start, and telecoms proved to be an exciting option.  Elite has grown under her leadership and is now well known in the communications industry for placing top talent with top companies.