"Tom Peters said that you should keep on breaking your business down in order to build it up again. This keeps companies more innovative, successful and dynamic.There has not been a better time to do this than in these recent challenging and unprecedented times where have markets plunged, banks have liquidated and countries have even come to the brink of bankruptcy. Companies who survive these times due to vision, determination and re-engineering their businesses, will come out stronger than ever "

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Job Search 

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Client Compliment

We would like to express our appreciation and thank you for assisting us, in substantially reducing the vacancies since February 2012.

We truly value the professional business relationship that has been developed with yourselves.  


Hayley, I would like to say a big thank you to both you and Elite for your professionalism, continual advise and input during this whole application process which took us right to the winning post.


Happy Candidate

Bronwen Believe me when I say that you are doing much more than just "your job".
I see it in your emails and communications with me and I hear it in your voice when we chat.
Great Positive Energy:-)

Impressed Candidate

Hayley and Bronwen thank you for all the reassurance along the way, I have been nothing less than impressed with the Elite team.

You are all incredible!


Thank You

Hi Monique,

I would like to just say thank you so much for everything you and your company has done for me during my job hunting time,you always availed yourself to answer and support me during the process.I know I was a pain at times but your professionalism was always so comforting.What you have done for me was extra special and I don’t think you can imagine the impact this new job will bring to my family,I hope you can continue to assist more people the way you did for me.



Delighted Candidate

Hi Natasha, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. I am so happy here and the team/company is amazing. Somehow this was a perfect fit and has exceeded all my expectations thus far.

Again thank you very much with all your help on this journey and giving me this opportunity.

- Rhijnhardt

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Latest Articles and Opinions

Love the job you have

Love the job you have!
Unless you have recently won the lottery or a distant millionaire auntie has left you
a stash, the reality of most of our lives is that we have to
work. Nine-to-five, or
nine-to-nine in some cases. Grind, grind, grind – and we're not speaking of coffee

With the economy being what it is, just having a job should make you feel grateful.
But what if you know you should be a TV announcer and you're working as a receptionist?
Or you have always wanted to be a scuba diving instructor, and here you are working in
the basement of a twenty-story building sorting letters?

Here's how to survive in the job that you have without losing your mind.

Focus on what the job does for you. It provides you with money to pay the rent, the
electricity, the school fees and the grocery bill. It also buys movie tickets and a new
pair of jeans – in a good month. With a bit of luck it also gives you medical aid and a
pension fund. If you work for a big company, you might even get life insurance and a
disability cover – not things to be sniffed at.

Find a friend/mentor. It doesn't have to be someone who works in the same field as you.
Find someone you admire and learn as much from them as you possibly can. Moral support
and encouragement from someone at work can also go a long way to making you working
 situation more pleasant.

Take advantage of training opportunities. Does the company you work for pay for further
training? If so, make use of it. Further qualifications or diplomas could also make it easier
for you to move onwards or upwards.

Focus on how you are doing, not what you are doing. If you concentrate on doing your
particular job as well as you can, you will stop yourself from falling into a negative spiral of
thinking about what you really would like to be doing.

Make preparations to move on. So many people are stuck in jobs they don't enjoy, they
moan constantly about it, year in and year out, but they make no effort to move. Keep
your CV updated, let people know you are available, watch the newspapers and above all,
don't be out when opportunity comes knocking. But do learn to be patient and start taking
action to make your dreams a reality. These things can sometimes take a while.

Feel solidarity with others like you. Think of it, out there are thousands of people who would
rather be doing something else, but without whose valuable contributions society wouldn't
function. Someone has to pick up litter, change nappies in a daycare facility, apprehend
armed robbers and type letters for real dragons in managerial positions. It's a dirty job,
but someone has to do it!

Match your skills with the company's needs. If you know the company is shortly going
to be branching out into a new direction, get yourself acquainted with that particular field.
In this way you could get promotion you might otherwise have waited for for years.

Don't fall into a spiral of negativity. Moaning and complaining constantly about your job,
boss, duties, working hours can cause you to become inefficient and negative. A lot of
energy could be drained from you while you are complaining. Remain pleasant and positive
and do your job as well as possible – positive enthusiasm is catching and could also lead
to other opportunities.

Get involved in energising activities. Hobbies, exercise, socialising with friends or going
to the movies are all things that will give you energy and the strength to carry on. Lying
 around moping is not going to get you anywhere.

Your job is not a life sentence. In a depressed job market, moving on is not always a
possibility, but keep your options open. Your boss and the company do not own you and
if you find things really intolerable, there is always the possibility of resigning. Loyalty is all
very fine and well, but ask yourself how much loyalty your company would feel towards you
if they had to retrench half their staff. If your job is having an impact on your mental or
physical health, consider other possibilities